How To Avoid Instagram Spam

Safeguarding Your Instagram Account:
A Guide to Preventing Spam Comments

In the vast realm of social media, Instagram stands out as a popular platform for sharing photos and videos, connecting with friends, and engaging with a diverse community. However, along with its benefits come challenges, such as dealing with spam comments. These comments often feature generic messages like “send pic, share pic, and dm pic,” and can be frustrating and disruptive. In this article, I explore effective strategies to avoid spammers and maintain a spam-free Instagram experience.

Enable Comment Filtering:
Instagram offers a built-in feature that filters and blocks comments containing specific words, phrases, or emojis. To activate this safeguard, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Instagram profile and tap on the menu button (three horizontal lines).
  • Select “Settings and Privacy.”
  • Scroll down to “Hidden words.”
  • Tap “Manage custom words and phrases.”
  • Enter the words or phrases commonly used by spammers in the “Adds words separated by commas” field.
  • Instagram will automatically hide or block comments containing those keywords.

Type words like: dm, dm pic, dm model, dm it on, dm it to, dm it at, promote, sent pic, send pic, sent art, send art, sent photo, send photo, sent pics on, send pics on, sent pics to, send pics to, share pic, share photo, share image, share work, promote, wow sent, wow send, hello mate, collaborate, message, purchase, nft, nfts, paid followers, I just came across your incredible artwork and submit.
And add emojis like: 🇸 🇪 🇳 🇩📸🇵 🇮 🇨 👉

Customize Your Comment Settings:
Instagram allows users to customize comment settings to fit their preferences. Adjusting these settings can help prevent unwanted comments:

  • Go to “Settings and Privacy” on your Instagram profile.
  • Tap on “Comments.”
  • Tap “Allow Comments From.” Choose “Everyone”, “People You Follow”, “Your Followers”, ” or “People You Follow and Your Followers.”
  • Select the option that best aligns with your desired level of engagement and spam prevention.

Limit Comment Accessibility:
Taking proactive measures to limit comment accessibility can significantly reduce the number of spam comments you receive. Here are a few more methods to consider:

  • Set your account to “Private” to ensure that only approved followers can view and comment on your posts.
  • Regularly review your follower list and remove suspicious or inactive accounts.
  • Utilize Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature, which allows you to share your posts exclusively with a select group of trusted individuals.

While spam comments can be a nuisance on Instagram, implementing these preventive measures can help you maintain a spam-free environment. By enabling comment filtering, limiting comment accessibility, manually approving comments, reporting spam accounts, and customizing comment settings, you can take control of your Instagram experience and enjoy a more meaningful engagement with your followers. Remember, maintaining an active and vigilant stance against spammers is crucial to protect your account and foster a positive social media environment.

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