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Greetings Earthling! Here’s a little about me. I’m Henry Aubri, a passionate Professional Photographer and skilled Graphic Designer rooted in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, Netherlands. With a deep appreciation for the power of visual storytelling, I have dedicated myself to crafting compelling narratives through the lens of a camera and the artistry of design.

Photography is not just a profession for me; it’s an avenue through which I capture the essence of moments, emotions, and concepts. From dynamic product shoots that bring out the essence of every detail to capturing the raw energy of live events, I pride myself on turning visions into vivid realities. My lens becomes an extension of my vision, ensuring that every shot communicates the desired message with authenticity and impact.

As a Graphic Designer, I seamlessly blend creativity and technical prowess to bring ideas to life on digital canvases. With an eye for aesthetics and a flair for innovation, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with diverse clients, translating their concepts into stunning visual identities, marketing materials, and digital designs. Whether it’s a sleek logo that embodies a brand’s ethos or a captivating website that engages users, I thrive on transforming ideas into visually captivating experiences.

My journey in this ever-evolving field has allowed me to develop a versatile skill set that enables me to adapt to various projects and client needs. Every project is a unique opportunity for me to push creative boundaries and deliver exceptional results that exceed expectations. I believe that collaboration is at the heart of successful visual communication, and I always strive to understand my clients’ objectives to ensure my work aligns seamlessly with their goals.

When I’m not behind the camera or immersed in design projects, you can find me exploring Amsterdam’s charming streets, drawing inspiration from its rich culture and diverse scenery. My love for this city fuels my passion to infuse a touch of its energy into every project I undertake.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better. I’m excited to hear about your projects, ideas, and aspirations. Let’s collaborate and bring your visions to life through the captivating world of photography and design.

Feel free to reach out to me to discuss how we can work together.

Warm regards,
Henry Aubri

Professional Photographer & Graphic Designer
Amsterdam, Netherlands


                 Software: #Illustrator #InDesign #Phocus #Photoshop #StableDiffusion
                 Hardware: #HasselbladX2D100C #Hasselblad503CW  #WacomCintiq27QHDTouch

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